Roller Chrome SteelGCr15GB/T182542000 High - carbon chromium bearing steel
<Form 3> Brand Name and Chemical Component
Brand Nam Chemical Component %
C Si Mn Cr Mo P S Ni Cu Ni+Cu O(10-6)
B00150 GCr15 0.95

0.025 0.025 0.30 0.25 0.50 15
NOTE:1.Content of copper which be remained after the chrome steel tube used should not exceed 0.2%.(smelting analyse)
     2.Content of oxygen will be tested out in Billet and steels.
     3.Content of sulfur which be caused after striped steel used should not exceed 0.02%.(smelting analyse)
<Form 4> Windage of Finished Products is Allowed on Chemical Component
Element C Si Mn Cr P S Ni Cu Mo
Allowed Windage 0.03 0.02 0.03 0.05 +0.005 +0.005 +0.03 +0.02 0.10ʱ+0.01
5.2 Smelt Way
The Steel should be Deled under the condition of Vacuum.
Austenite Stainless Steel1Cr18Ni9GB 122092 Stainless Steel Stick
<Form 2> Chemical Component of Steel
Num-ber Brand Code Chemical Element%
C Si Mn P
S Ni Cr Mo Cu N other
5 1Cr18Ni9 0.15 1.00 2.00 0.035 0.030 8.00~10.00 17.00~19.00 - - - -
Martensite Stainless Steel9Cr18GB 308682 High Carbon Chromium Stainless Steel Technical Condition
<Form 4>
Brand Code Chemical Element%
C Si Mn P
S Cr Mo
Not Exceed to
9Cr18 0.90~1.00 0.80 0.80 0.035 0.030 17.00~19.00 -
<Form 5>
Chemical Element Cr Mo
The Permitted Tolerance% 0.15 0.03
<Form 6 >Remainder Element
Chemical Element Ni Cu Ni+Cu
The Permitted content < % 0.30 0.25 0.50
Manufacturer Brand name Basic type grease Operation temp.c Use
Exxon   Beacon 325  synthetic grease   -55~120 General purpose grease
Exxon   Andok B(Mil-G-18709A) Channeling petroleum grease -30~95  Excellent high speed,low torque,light mass
Exxon  Andok C    Channeling petroleum grease -30~120 Smooth running,long life
   G.E.Versilube G300   Silicone gorase -75~205 Lighe loads and fine moderate speed
Mobil28  (Mil-G-81332) Synthetic hydrocarbon -55~180 Wide temperature range,good low temperature torque
Chevron   Mineral grease -30~180 High temperature range with good water resistance
Shell  Alvania2 Mineral grease -35~120 Long life and wide application
DuPont  Krytox 240AC(mil-G-27617) Fluorinated grease -35~290 High temperature stablility with good lubricity properties
Shell  Dolium R Petroleum grease -40~150 Good corrosion resistance and water resistance
KYODO SRL Synthetic grease -40~150 Low noise,low torque and special case
NIG-ACE W Synthetic grease -18~150 Low noise,low torque and special case
Mobil HP Lithium complex -30~110  Vibration,moderate speeds and good corrosion resistance
Tianjin Hangu Motor No.2 Mineral grease -30~110 wide application,general purpose